Kasisto's Latest White paper:

KAI: Continuous learning delivers on the promise of Conversational AI for the Financial Services Industry


KAI’s Continuous Improvement Cycle starts the moment a customer’s KAI-powered virtual assistant or chatbot is launched and drives essential improvements to accuracy, coverage, and the user experience throughout the entire life of the virtual assistant or chatbot.  Thanks to a unique mix of (a) cutting edge technologies, (b) many years of expert knowledge in the financial services industry, (c) training corpora comprising tens of millions of domain-specific utterances, (d) an experienced machine learning team, and (e) proven enterprise-level technology and workflows, KAI’s performance results, extensibility, domain expertise, and enterprise ready tooling stand out from any competitive offerings within the market today, and also set the gold standard in conversational AI technology within the financial services industry.


This white paper addresses how Kasisto’s Continuous Improvement Cycle assures the highest levels of quality standards at initial application launch and a perpetual increase and adaptation to its end-users behaviors.  Furthermore, the constant flow of user data presents an extraordinary opportunity for discovering valuable insights into the voice of the customer, resulting in continuous advancements of the virtual assistant’s capabilities and valuable business intelligence for the financial institution.

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