What does the future of conversational AI innovation look like? Do I have the knowledge needed to keep pace with innovation?

Many within the financial services industry are struggling to answer these questions, while trying to navigate the benefits conversational AI may bring to their organization. Understanding the future of conversational AI can help address uncertainties and empower your organization to adopt AI into your customer experience and support models.

Kasisto’s CTO & Co-Founder, Sasha Caskey, dives deep into the history of conversational AI, definitions of AI, the research and development that is happening today that drives the future and innovation of conversational AI tomorrow.

A few key takeaways:

- Learn more about the history of conversational AI and its current state
- Master the definitions of key conversational AI terms
- Hear about the research that is happening now that will shape the future
- What does the future hold for conversational AI?

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