The State of Interactive Digital Assistants in Banking:

Coming of Age (But Still Dealing With Growing Pains)

Tuesday, December 6th 2pm ET/11am PT

Customers today do more, want more, and expect more on banks’ digital touch points – which means IDAs play a crucial role in banking experiences and customers’ ongoing relationships with providers. This session will lay out the latest research on the role of interactive digital assistants (IDAs) in banking. We’ll highlight new consumer data, best practices, predictions for the future, and next steps for providers.

Kasisto’s Chief Product and Customer Experience Officer, Lindsay Soergel, and guest speaker Forrester's Principal Analyst, Peter Wannemacher, will walk through a discussion focusing on:

  • Where we’re at: The last three years have revealed the opportunities – and threats – of digital experiences and interactive digital assistants in banking
  • Why this matters: Digital experiences are driving business growth in banking
  • What better looks like: Best practices and emerging shifts in interactive digital assistants (in banking and beyond)
  • Where we’re headed: Predictions and recommendations for banking providers


Lindsay Soergel

Chief Product and CX Officer



Guest Speaker

Peter Wannamacher

Principal Analyst


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