A Unified Digital Experience that Exceeds Customers Expectations

Kasisto and Engageware (formerly TimeTrade SilverCloud) have partnered to deliver a solution that deepens customer engagement, significantly reduces cost-to-serve, and ensures only the latest, most accurate content is presented to customers, in real time. This state-of-the-art digital assistant, pre-loaded with banking specific content enables banks and credit unions of all sizes to automate digital interactions, enable self-service, and provide a world-class Unified Digital First experience.

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Deliver a smart, conversational, and human-like banking experience through an intelligent digital assistant.


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Provide banking customers with accurate and timely content, offered through as a managed service.


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Connect banking customers and banking staff through an intuitive and intelligent time scheduling experience, when expert help is needed.

Unlike other solutions on the market, the Kasisto + Engageware digital assistant understands the complexities of language and delivers accurate answers in real-time. This easy-to-install, pre-integrated and cloud-based solution offers the fastest time-to-value in the market, for a completely natural and unified banking experience.  

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Reduce cost to serve and live agent costs by 50% with Natural Language Understanding that recognizes what customers are asking, not just the words they are typing.
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Ensure only the most current and correct content is accessible to customers and employees with a banking-specific knowledge base that’s provided as a managed service.
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Deliver a friction-free method to quickly schedule time with banking staff when required through an automated, easy-to-use appointment scheduling solution.

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TimeTrade SilverCloud and Kasisto Partner to Provide Industry-Leading Digital Assistant

Their combined digital-first solution delivers accurate answers in real time, strengthening customer engagement and reducing handle times.

Our combined offering

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