In this feature article by American Banker, we talk about how Kasisto has quickly equipped KAI to handle increasing COVID-19 related customer queries and our recent client deployments of this critically important conversational skill. 

“Kasisto first noticed pandemic-related requests in North American client conversations as early as Feb. 14, but mentions ramped up globally in mid-March. As countries went into lockdown, the questions posed to Kai veered from branch hours and safety into financial-hardship territory, such as requests for lower interest rates, payment deferrals or fee waivers.”

With the outbreak, we quickly realized that customers were changing how they were interacting with our virtual assistant, we saw a 30% increase in service related questions- like “where am I spending my money?” And “Can I defer my monthly payments?” 

“After analyzing tens of thousands of utterances culled from banks around the world, Kasisto built a skill, or an add-on feature, to enhance its KAI Consumer Banking virtual assistant.”

“To divert volume from swamped phone lines — and ensure that customers seeking support from AI-powered conversations found the answers they needed — Kasisto and other firms that deploy intelligent assistants to financial institutions started drawing on their data about common new queries to equip their bots with the ability to handle basic questions about coronavirus, branch operations, hardship-relief options and applications to the Paycheck Protection Program.”

Our goal has always been to provide customers with the critical information they need – quickly and efficiently – by leveraging our virtual assistants in a way that helps to reduce the stress that everyone is feeling. We feel a responsibility to give back by making our conversational AI technology available to help support our customers’ operational challenges and assist consumers with their questions about financial well-being.

“Kasisto is supplying its “COVID skill” to its customers for free. Two North American clients that have taken it live - Manulife Bank in Canada and TD Bank in the U.S. The company says other institutions will roll out the skill over the next two weeks.”

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