About the Panel

Shaping Customer Experience and Driving Long Term Client Engagement
  • What are the most effective content and data strategies for engaging with  discretionary, advisory, institutional, retail or end investor client segments? 
  • How can wealth management firms and retail banks work with technology or platform providers to build or enhance D2C, or workplace distribution channels? 
  • What is the right balance of human and digital service to attract a millennial audience?
  • How can FIs segment their customer base and offer different service models based on specific investment requirements? 
  • What are the most effective strategies for customer retention?
  • How can WealthTech help reach the unbanked and underbanked?
  • To what extent are FIs putting out half-baked solutions? 


Terri Duhon, Non Executive Director and Risk Chair MSI, Morgan Stanley


George Trad, VP of Product, Kasisto
Felicity PooleHead of Digital Wealth and Insurance, HSBC UK
Nina Jones, Senior VP, Global Fund Services, Northern Trust
H. Adam Holt, CEO and Founder, Asset-Map

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Kasisto’s KAI, is built with the industry’s most powerful conversational AI technology in the industry. KAI comes pre-packaged with the financial skills and knowledge to create informed and effective conversations.

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Kasisto built KAI using decades of artificial intelligence research and IP from SRI International (creator of Siri), one of the world’s largest independent R&D organizations.

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